OMSI Bus Review: Solaris Urbino 10 III

Posted August 15, 2012 by Owen Harvey in Buses
OMSI Solaris Urbino 10 III






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Reviewed Version: 1.0
Fiction/Real: Real
Release Date: 2nd August 2012
Download: OMSI Forums


Small Speedy Bus, with Loud Indicator & LCD Camera Display


Passengers enter bus at wrong doors

The Solaris is a small speedy bus perfect for Inner-City transport. It can easily use tight roads and can carry a moderate number of passengers.

by Owen Harvey
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Owen Harvey has a Dell Insperon 530 with Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz. He got an average of 24.72 FPS with the Solaris 10, when parked at Rathaus Spandau with no electric on and these settings.

The Solaris is a smaller and faster version of the older Solaris. It’s more suited for tighter roads and intercity routes. The bus has 3 doors, the rear 2 set off alarms when you are closing them and take a little longer to give anyone a last chance to exit the bus. It’s a very neat and nifty bus which is great for town driving. There are many good things about this bus however I found a few faults which don’t affect the driving but are just more of a pain. One of which is the passengers will board the bus from all three of the doors which doesn’t affect your gaming experience it just makes it a little less realistic.

Another one of the faults is the lighting, especially for the driver. Although there is a light to turn on it is not very bright and leaves the dashboard very dark. You can still see the controls but it does get annoying when it’s pitch black. The bus Indicators have a very nice sound which is quite loud and clear which helps make your driving experience more realistic. There is an LCD screen which is placed above your head which shows to pictures of the bus, one of a side on view and one looking back from the front door.

The bus sounds are very realistic and there are various patches which have been released to update the sounds. There is one other problem I’ve noticed with the bus, is that when you are accelerating and then begin to break it does so very fast and jolts the bus instead of slowing it down to a gentle stop. It does hinder the gaming a little but you can ignore it and continue to drive without it seriously bothering you.

Overall this is a very good bus which is more suited to intercity bus routes. Although it is small, it’s passenger capacity is good and it can hold enough passengers for longer distance routes. I’d definitely recommend downloading this bus and giving it a whirl!



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